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By: 又市マタロー

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Kantai Collection [Kancolle] 10 October update
Kitakami and Ooi new voice lines translation

This pair…  the admiral doesn’t even exist in Ooi’s world 90% of the time

Bold portions = the bits where they refer to each other in the hourlies

Ooi lines

Hourly lines
0:00 It’s midnight. Admiral, it’s late now. 
1:00 It is now 1:00. Eh, you’re saying that my voice is too stiff? Is, is that so
02:00 It’s is now.. now 2am. Admiral, is this tone fine? 
03:00 *softly* how annoying, why do you even have to care about tiny details like my tone when I’m reporting the time. *normal voice* Ah, it is now 3am. 
04:00 Admiral? Admiral? Are you asleep? My chance is here!!! 
05:00 I need to go to Kitakami-san’s side! Yes, she’s probably worrying! Kitakami-san~~~~~!!! 
06:00 Kitakami-san, are you alright?! Are you alright? Ah, you seem fine. Ehh? You’re asking why I’m holding a knife? Ah… I’m preparing breakfast. 
07:00 Ah, that, I’m thinking if I should prepare breakfast. Do you want some too? Is gluten fine for the miso soup? 
08:00 Yup, for the sake of Kitakami-san, I made breakfast. Please enjoy it. It’s delicious? I’m glad!!
09:00 Eh? I need to return to do my job? Ah. Is that so.  
10:00 Admiral I’m back. You’re asking where I went? Obviously I went to Kitakami-san’s side!!!!! 
11:00 Erm, Admiral, why are you clutching your head? Is there something wrong? This, I wonder if there’s flu medicine. 
12:00 It’s noon now. Shall I make lunch? It’s fine, I’m good at cooking. 
13:00 Well then, enjoy the food! This? Ah it’s obviously omelette rice. What do you want me to write using ketchup? 
14:00 Admiral, what’s with that doubtful face?  I didn’t poison the food. Don’t be rude. 
15:00 I should do my best and plan sorties. Yes! I’ll do my best. Yup. 
16:00 Expeditions and quests, and the next fleet that is going for sortie. Admiral, what should I do? 
17:00 Ah, it’s time for dinner soon. I’ll go prepare dinner then. 
18:00 What’s in this pot? It’s Ooi’s special curry that is full of love! I’m off!!! 
19:00 Kitakami-san~~~! I accidentally made too much curry~~! If you don’t mind, let’s eat it togetherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  hooooooo 
20:00 Look, I also made some for the Admiral so it’s fine. Eh? It’s delicious? Your body feels warm? That’s right~ 
21:00 I’m done washing up and the surrounding is fine too. Good work for today, Admiral. 
22:00 Tch. Some light cruiser is making noise again.Admiral, can I go over to complain? Ah, is that right.. 
23:00 Admiral, good work for today too. Is Kitakami-san already asleep..? 

Kai ni: I’m Ooi. By the way Admiral, where’s Kitakami-san? 
Idle lines: Kitakami-san.. Is she fine..? She’ll be worried if I’m not around.. Yes.. I’m worried.. Defina..tely… something must have happened.. I need to take a look! 
New ship: Eh? A new ship..? Tch. One more person getting in my way. Ah, it’s nothing. 
Change of equipment: 
Dock: If I could dock with Kitakami-san that would be good… 
Night battle: Who’s the one… who hurt Kitakami-san?
MVP: It’s me? Ah~ I’m troubled~~ Eh?? Kitakami-san? Did Kitakami-san see everything?! Did you?!? 

Kitakami lines

Hourly lines
0:00 Admiral, the day has changed. 
1:00 Yes, that’s right. This is the hourly message. I’ll be reading it for today. 
02:00 Ah, I’m bored of it. Don’t you have manga? There’s no manga? Cheh
03:00 It’s late night now. I’m sleepy too.  
04:00 Admiral aren’t you sleepy? Is that so. That’s nice. 
05:00 It’s already morning. It’s bright. I’m sleepy. Is it okay if I sleep? I’m going to sleep right now. 
06:00 Ah! What’s wrong Ooicchi? What’s with that expression? What’s wrong? What’s wrong?
07:00 Admiral, Ooicchi said she’s making breakfast. Eh? It’s fine~ I’m thankful~ 
08:00 I’m going to eat the breakfast made by Ooicchi! Eh? Why is there only enough for two people? What about Admiral’s? 
09:00 That’s why, Ooicchi, I’m fine. You should return and do your job. Yes yes. 
10:00 Ah, Ooichi has finally agreed to go back. No, she’s really a good girl. Oh you already knew that? Is that so.   
11:00 It’s noon soon. Ah, what’s for lunch~ Ah, I need still need to work. Yes yes. 
12:00 It’s lunch! Well then what should I eat today~ Hmm.
13:00 Ah that’s right. It has to be curry for lunch. Should I eat Mamiya’s curry? Or should I just rest? . 
14:00 Ah I ended up with Mamiya’s curry again. Well, it’s not bad. And it’s delicious. Oh, it’s 14:00. Might as well report the time.  
15:00 Well… I’ve experienced a lot. But, it can’t be helped. That’s what I feel now. 
16:00 Ah, it’s Abukuma. Oi~! Eh, why did she escape? oi~! What a weird person, eh?  
17:00 it’s evening soon. I should rest soon. 
18:00 The day is ending soon. Ah it’s still too early? cheh. 
19:00 Ah Ooicchi~ Why are you hugging a pot? Eh? Ooicchi special curry? Ah.. curry.. 
20:00 Ah, Admiral said it’s fine to have curry for dinner too? Well, admiral has good points too. Thanks Ooicchi! 
21:00 Even though I had plenty of curry today, Ooicchi’s curry is delicious too! Even though there’s a weird taste! 
22:00 Alright. Work is ending soon. Good work for today. I’m going to sleep. Bye Admiral. 
23:00 NN? nnn? nnnn? Ehh? I’m working on the night shift today? Eh? Can I really work at night? Don’t I look forced?

Sortie: Well, we’re the best if I’m together with Ooicchi, 
Dock: Taking a bath is good. Isn’t that right, Ooicchi? 
Idle: Ooicchi stop touching my body~ Eh? Admiral? What are you doing?!

Ooi loves Kitakami. 
Kitakami loves curry. 

Ooi’s curry is full of love.
Ooi’s curry has a weird taste.
Ooi’s curry makes Kitakami feel warm. 
Admiral suspecting Ooi drugs her food. 

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Artist: kinari

大北 | ume [pixiv] 

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